Tour de France

"Look away now if you’re easily offended,” warns British cyclist in new book.
'I was a bit worried it might just be my wife and the dog,' Tour de France winner tells crowd.
The father and son duo are back for a fresh season of Britain By Bike.
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There hasn’t been an equivalent race for women since the 1980s. This group finished a day before the men.
Thomas will ride into Paris on Sunday with a 1.51 second lead.
The incident is reportedly part of a protest by French farmers.
Drugs used to 'enhance the performance of riders, and not just to treat medical need'.
Leg workouts a possible daily routine for Tour de France riders.
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We’re officially a nation of cyclists. And we’re not just talking about swelling with national pride at all of the medals
Stockton South's new MP is a practising GP who wants to run international development
The 2017 General Election saw 92 MPs elected to the Commons for the very first time. In a series of exclusive interviews
After the 16th stage of the Tour, Poljanski is ranked 75th in the general classification. There are five more stages to go
Vascular surgeon Eddie Chaloner explained to fitness blogger Fiona Outdoors that the veiny appearance of the limbs can be
The 104th Tour de France kicked off in Düsseldorf this weekend (1 July), and some 200 riders will toil for 3,540km before racing down the Champs-Élysées in Paris on 23 July for the chance of winning the coveted yellow jersey. As a cycling fanatic, I am so excited I'm going to be there.