UFO Filmed 'Flying Out Of The Moon'

UFO Filmed 'Flying Out Of The Moon'

What a week! We've seen a cereal bowl on Mars, freaked out about a deadly asteroid that didn't exist and witnessed the dramatic invasion of Earth by aliens, which turned out to be a balloon, or something.

Now we've seen a UFO flying out of the Moon!

The latest disturbing and/or ridiculous video clip comes courtesy of the vigilant heroes over at UFO Sightings Daily, who report that a mysterious blip was witnessed flying out of our only natural satellite earlier this month.

"These UFOs are orbiting the moon and coming and going from it, so before you declare this to be a fake, you are going to need a HD digital camera with a 35X zoom or better," writes the always enthusiastic blog below the new clip, which you can see above.

They also include another clip, which alas might be the last of its kind thanks to some kind of devious intervention by the aliens, or else just an accident:

"Below is a video that I recorded back in Sept 22, 2012. I cannot make them anymore, because I dropped my camera and it no longer works."

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