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Best Lunches For Sedentary Jobs

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Of all the meals in the day, lunchtime is the one that no longer has any 'me time'.

For office workers, this midday meal was long ago subsumed into the work routine, and is now more likely to involve something-from-Pret than a lovingly prepared homemade food offering, which satisfies both your taste and energy needs.

More than any other daily meal, lunch signifies precisely how desk-bound workers feel about their day.

Utterly bored by your current task? It's straight to the baguette section of your nearest supermarket, no questions asked.

Lunch for office workers has become an intriguing symbol of necessity and self-reward. A moment to cram something into your mouth that brings instant delight, and distract your mind from the sight of your PC screen.

However, as much as chomping a ham and cheese baguette might bring sweet relief, your physical body probably needs more than a hedonic, carb and fat kick around 1pm.

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If you find yourself nodding off around 3pm. Or craving your lunch at 11.30am, it's possible that you need to rethink what you're putting in your mouth during the work day.

Imagine if you had enough energy to power through the afternoon and always leave on time. Sound tempting?

According to, there's a relatively simple way to keep your energy levels constant throughout the day.

"The glycemic index is a very useful guide for measuring how quickly the food you eat will be turned into glucose.

"High GI foods like white bread, white rice, and most cereals, are easily converted into glucose in your body. Low GI foods like most vegetables, whole grains, meat, milk, nuts, and eggs, are converted much slower. Steer yourself towards Low GI foods and you'll iron out most of the bumps in your daily blood."

Luckily, GI food choices tend to be terrific either ate hot or cold. So you can make up a batch of your favourite pulse-based salad, pop it in the fridge at work and eat small amounts throughout the day to keep your energy levels high.

The British Dietetic Association recommend eating regular meals, and planned snacks to maintain a healthy weight.

It's clearly time to start listening to our bodies, and working out the best time to eat... before we hit that energy slump and head to the vending machine.

We've pulled together some of the best recipes on the web to inspire your lunch choices

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