04/06/2014 05:53 BST | Updated 04/06/2014 05:59 BST

Nerf Gun Becomes Awesome Sci-Fi Weapon From The Future (VIDEO)

Nerf guns are absolutely not just for kids, as this office-based apocalypse will demonstrate. Imagine then being able to turn your humble Nerf gun into a fully fledged weapon of the future?

Well special effects company Video Copilot has done just that, using the power of a spray can, some pretty clever lighting and a whole ton of computers.

As you can see the results are pretty impressive, which is hardly surprising considering the company's creator Andrew has worked on everything from TV series Fringe to helping create the opening titles of Star Trek.

With over 100 tutorials and 40 hours of footage now on YouTube Video Copilot essentially exists to help normal people turn their back gardens into huge alien vistas or the inside of a giant volcano.