Stella Creasy, Labour MP, Accuses Daily Mail Of 'Everyday Sexism' Over Breed For Britain Article

'You'd better breed for Britain', the Daily Mail declared this morning, in response to a Labour MP's remarks that without immigration women in the UK will have to have "a lot of children very quickly" to keep the economy afloat.

In an attack on Nigel Farage, Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy argued that immigration is necessary in order to support Britain's ageing population, calling Ukip a "deeply unpatriotic" party of "hand wringers" who are "basically talking about managing the decline of Britain."

In the interview with Progress Online, Creasy said without a baby boom in the UK "our ability to sustain our economy" will collapse and leave the NHS in crisis.

The comments as they appeared in the Daily Mail

But Creasy reacted furiously to the Daily Mail's take on her interview, accusing the piece's author of "everyday sexism" because he referred to her as "childless" and "single" within the copy.

She also accused the paper of making up her quotes (available to read in full here).

In the interview, Creasy also discusses how Parliament has ingrained sexism – albeit at times unintentionally. "Society is rife with sexism and the Commons and politics is no different," she said.

She notes that female representation in parliament has increased by just 4% in the last 15 years and revealed her "horror" at the current rate of progress. Creasy revealed she would like to see a "timeline" set to show "when we are going to see change."

"Parliament, like society, is full of all sorts of unconscious barriers to equality," she argued. "You know, if I hear another person saying that 'leadership takes balls' … This is not being disrespectful to Mr Balls, but surely we should say leadership is about guts. It’s not gender-specific."

Creasy was previously a victim of a hate campaign after a "Twitter troll" bombarded her with a series of abusive messages.Peter Nunn, 33, allegedly retweeted messages threatening to rape the Walthamstow MP and branded her a witch.

He launched his campaign of hatred after the Labour politician backed a high-profile bid launched by the feminist Caroline Criado-Perez to keep a woman on a British banknote, Westminster magistrates court heard.