04/06/2014 11:01 BST | Updated 04/06/2014 11:59 BST

How To Tell If Your Friend Is Being A Toxic Soul-Sucker

All of us at some point have had a toxic friend - the one who's more interested in your bad news, isn't particularly happy for you when good things happen and after hanging out, you feel utterly drained by their negativity.

A group of experts discuss what to look out for in a toxic friend and how you can address the problem in the HuffPost Live video above.

Writing on HuffPost Healthy Living, life coach Susie Moore blogged: "If a relationship is not serving you, not supporting you and not elevating you towards your highest self, you are completely entitled to limit the extent that you are exposed to it. It does not mean that you do not care about the person involved or will stop caring them when you dynamic and closeness changes."


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By the time you come to realise your friend is toxic, you may find it hard to talk nicely about them, but Moore advises doing that especially when talking to other friends about it.

"Disconnecting with love is not cutting someone out of your life and then talking trash behind his or her back."

If you do decide to break up with your friend, HuffPost Canada advise a gentle approach.

"Author Melissa Kirsch ("The Girl's Guide To Absolutely Everything") details the ways to ease a friend out of your life, keeping hurt feelings at bay as best you can. She recommends a "slow fadeout" instead of a dramatic breakup talk, both to be respectful and keep the door open for the possibility of a future friendship."