04/06/2014 10:05 BST | Updated 04/06/2014 10:59 BST

Watch 9 Cringey University Students' Videos


Students and student unions, we're looking at you. We know you're trying to mock yourselves in order to get support and be the "funny ones on campus", but it just comes back to bite you, doesn't it?

Within these videos we have Jason's video, an occasionally amusing but generally pretty horrific effort for people to vote for him as President for Sports & Development at Royal Holloway. Firstly, these students appear to have stacks and stacks of free time to have been able to make this, and Jason seems pretty, er, confident to us, with absolutely no idea how to lip sync. This one's definitely worth a watch.

Alongside Jason is an unmissable heavy rock cover of 'You Are My Sunshine', and throughout the video we're honestly concerned the singer is going to break into thrash metal-style screaming.

University of Birmingham, we weren't expecting such darkness! It's safe to say it put us slightly on edge. It has the feeling of Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings and a dated horror movie all rolled into one. Also, it must be noted no one looks happy. Do the students even want to be there?

Then we have a video from the Central Institute of Technology in Perth, Western Australia. These Australians really know how to have fun! Our favourite part is when Henry pukes due to the unexpected time traveling; I think it's an issue we should really be addressing in the 21st century. Thanks you CIT in Australia, for a deep and profound account of time traveller's sickness.

Tommy Bolger of the University of Limerick has put a lot of time and effort into this one. Tommy is probably quite a funny guy to be around, but why do they always have to take it too far? Cringe cringe cringe.

The Sheffield Students' Union Lip-Dub of Take That and Queen is from a few years back but, blimey, is it too much to ask to not have lyrics mouthed at your face? It's that awkward drunk girl at the party that just has to let you know she knows all the lyrics to the new Kanye West track.

And finally, Loughborough. Oh Loughborough, where did it all go wrong? Oh yes, when you decided to dance like complete idiots and appear to have been drugged and blackmailed into taking part in this (it's the only feasible conclusion we can draw from this). Why, oh why? is the question you've been asking yourselves since this video went viral and won worst video on YouTube. Probably not the intended outcome, but a big achievement regardless! Congrats!

Have a watch of these, and the other incredibly cringey but completely hilarious videos from student unions and students themselves..