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Today is #LoveSUs day - the second year NUS has run a national campaign day to celebrate all things amazing about students' unions and the collective work we do for and with students and their communities day in day out.
On Friday, December 2, NUS is hosting #LoveSUs day across 600 Students' unions in UK. This campaign has created last year in the aftermath of the government's Higher Education Green Paper, which directly attacked the legitimacy of students' unions and their power as the representative voice of students.
Student union officer Mahamed Adbullahi said God Save the Queen was 'outdated' and 'doesn't even bang'.
The university’s student union has refused to take a stance on playing the song, saying it supports “every student’s right
A students' union has unveiled its latest honorary president - a slinking cat who has lived on campus for a decade. Southampton
This week student unions across the country began campaigns to disaffiliate from the National Union of Students following
A student at Edinburgh University received a "ludicrous" complaint after she raised her arms during a meeting. Imogen Wilson
Without putting their differences aside and fighting for the common ground that they all so strongly believe in, they are playing exactly into the stereotype that everyone has of them - childish. A bunch of kids trying to play politics. And if they keep at it, they will never get anywhere.