05/06/2014 05:03 BST | Updated 05/06/2014 05:59 BST

America Is Building A Fake City For Self-Driving Cars


It seems certain that self-driving cars are going to become a major part of our lives, but at the moment they're still relatively untested, with only small numbers populating the roads we use.

Well rather than have a wave of Google cars taking over the highways the University of Michigan is building a fake city within which to test these automated vehicles.

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Over 30-acres in size this massive ghost town will have everything a city needs to thrive, from a working traffic lights system, construction zones and even soul-less mechanical pedestrians that will roam the silent streets.

Where things get really interesting though is they're actually having to write code which will turn it into a realistic city, with flaws.

That means traffic lights will need to break down, pedestrians will need to not look where they're going and other cars will need to swerve wildly in front of each other.

Sadly this city doesn't have a suitable name to match, instead it's called the Mobile Transformation Facility and will be situated right in the heart of America's auto industry giving company's a testbed with which to create the first commercially available self-driving cars.