05/06/2014 08:19 BST | Updated 05/06/2014 08:59 BST

World Cup 2014: Brazil's Capital City's Airport Flooded (VIDEO)

With just a week to go until the kick off of the world's biggest football tournament, this is not what you want to happen in the airport of your capital city.

These are the startling images captured by passengers heading through Brazil's Brasilia airport on Tuesday, as rain poured into the building.

What appeared to be a burst drain drenched the entire plaza of Brasilia International Airport in reams of murky water, as customers and staff were pictured laughing nervously nearby.

The video was captured and posted on Facebook by Wankes Leandro, which has already had almost 14,000 shares.

The flooded plaza area of Brasilia airport

Leandro said the flooding had begun after only 20 minutes of rain. "I'm not even going to comment," he posted below the video. "I'm of the opinion that a picture is worth a thousand words. Check this out..."

He said airport employees began cleaning up the mess just after he shot the video, according to Storyful.

Brazil will play Croatia for the first game of the World Cup on June 12 in Sao Paulo. The first game in the capital is June 15, Switzerland v Ecuador.

Last month, host city Manaus declared a state of emergency as the waters of an Amazon tributary began to swell, though flooding is not expected in the town which will host England world cup games.