Guy Breaks Up With Cheating GF Using Memes, Internet Loves Him

Kane Zipperman is either a very funny man, or a very funny man who has just genuinely broken up with his cheating ex girlfriend and then tweeted it.

Either way the internet is a slightly better place for it.

Warning, there is some pretty strong language and mildly questionable humour below:

Having discovered that his girlfriend was cheating on him with his best friend Kane proceeded to reply to every one of her texts with memes, resulting in a conversation that, although questionable in its humour at times, is at the very least just.

Now with over 34,000 followers on Twitter, Zipperman is already appearing on TV over the image whilst the tweet in question has over 13,000 favourites.

Some have brought into question the validity of the break-up, suggesting that it was all just a very well planned fake. To be honest, even if it is, it gave us a good chuckle and sometimes that's what counts.

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