‘Big Brother' 2014: Helen Wood Given Fast Pass To The Final (PICS)

Last night’s ‘Big Brother’ saw the first huge twist take place, as Helen Wood was given a fast pass straight to the show’s final.

‘BB’ bosses previously promised some huge twists as part of the ‘Power Trip’ theme and in yesterday’s show Pauline Bennett had to pick a contestant, who was then guaranteed a place in the final - which is over two months away.

Pauline was pleased with her decision

This is the second big choice Pauline has been forced to make, following on from the first night, when she had to pick two housemates to receive prizes and punishment, based in their short introductory videos.

Friday also saw six new housemates enter the house, all of whom were discounted by Pauline as she was faced with the task of picking who deserved the huge reward.

Pauline was aware she had made a slightly controversial choice, stating while in the diary room: "The person I'm going to pick, people are going to kill me for this... Helen.”

Helen learns she won't face the public vote until the show's final

Helen was understandably delighted when she was told the news, while Pauline wept with joy in the diary room.

This is just one of many big decisions that Pauline will have to make during the next few days.

She’ll also have to make a “killer” nomination, picking a housemate who will face the public vote in every single eviction that takes place.

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