RIP Rik Mayall: His Nine Greatest Comedy Characters (VIDEO)

RIP Rik Mayall. Watch Clips Of His Nine Greatest Comedy Characters

The comedy world is mourning the loss of one of its greats: the comedian and actor Rik Mayall, who has died at the age of 56.

From the childish, angry Rick in 'The Young Ones' to the smooth-talking, skirt-chasing Flashheart in 'Blackadder' - via the ultra-right-wing MP Alan B'Stard and the violent slapstick pairings of 'Bottom' and The Dangerous Brothers - Mayall imbued every character he played (and in most cases, created) with a brilliant anarchy, an incredible physicality and a style of delivery that made well-written lines become unforgettable ones. Yes, nobody ever said the words "blimmin'" "brilliant" and "woof!" quite like Rik Mayall. And for that reason - and so many others - his comedy creations will live on.

RIP, Rik. And thank you for all the brrrrilliant laughs.


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