NASA's Warp Drive Space Craft Concept Is Beyond Stunning

A NASA physicist has unveiled a new and astonishing vision of a futuristic 'warp drive' spacecraft.

And while it's clearly just a concept at this stage, it's hard not to be inspired.

Nasa's Harold White worked with the artist Mark Rademaker to realise in images his long-standing idea for a ship capable of travelling at virtually unbelievable speeds and distances.

White has been working on a functional ward drive concept at Nasa's Johnson Space Centre since 2010. The idea is to try and warp space time, literally shortening the distance between two points around the ship and allowing it to travel faster than light.

The drawings show what a craft fitted with the drive (named the IXS Enterprise) could really look like. Gizmodo also unearthed the above video, in which White describes his idea at the SpaceVision 2013 conference (skip ahead to about the 42 minute mark).

Check out the full gallery of images over at Flickr. Rademaker said the images took more than 1,600 hours to make.