Why Is This Labour Baroness Wearing A Brazil World Cup 2014 Shirt In The Lords?

Why Is This Labour Baroness Wearing A World Cup Shirt In The Lords?

World Cup fever has spread into the House of Lords, as a Labour peer snuck in a Brazil football shirt as she spoke today about the Queen's Speech.

Baroness Morgan of Ely, the shadow minister for Wales, explained to peers that although not "usually" a football fan, she decided to wear a World Cup shirt as "I'm delighted to say that I picked Brazil in the office sweepstake".

"The thing i love about the World Cup is the anthems," she said, quipping that she hoped the England football team's "grasp of the words" was better than former Welsh secretary John Redwood, who infamously tried to mime along with the Welsh national anthem.

The Labour peer carried on with the World Cup theme to actually make a point with her speech, arguing that Scotland needed to stay part of the United Kingdom, which itself should stay in the European Union.

"An army of English supporters have arrived in Brazil as flight prices are not what they used to be," she said.

"The world is changing and becoming smaller and more integrated, the UK cannot isolate itself as the little island, we cannot return to a time when we were content to import an odd casket of wine from the continent."

Baroness Morgan said she hoped her "fellow Celts" would vote to stay together in September's referendum on Scottish independence.

She also warned the UK against leaving the European Union, saying that it would leave Britain with a "shrinking sense of influence".

"It's only through the EU that England and Scotland can make its voice heard in the world."


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