This Dress Covers Less The More You Tweet

This dress may make you think twice before sending that tweet of your lunch as the more you share online the more it becomes transparent.

The rather clever visual metaphor is the work of Pedro Oliveira and Xuedi Che at New York University and has been created to highlight just how much we comfortably share with the world concerning our personal lives.

Called x.pose the dress is made from a 3D printed frame which then uses a reactive material inbetween which becomes clear when a tiny electric current is passed through it.

The dress also contains a small computer round the back where it wirelessly communicates with your phone and social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

As you share more online and become more 'visible' so too does the dress, increasing the number of panels that are transparent.

The frame itself is also the result of data as Che explains:

"The recorded data set was used as the basis for the generative aspects of the personalized wearable couture. The output is an abstract 3D mesh armature of my location data points collected over about a month. The dataset was fed into processing to produce the pattern and exported to Rhino to make the 3D mesh."

Speaking on their website the designers explain their motives behind creating the dress.

"By participating in this hyper-connected society while having little to no control of my digital data production, how much of myself do I unknowingly reveal? To what degree does the aggregated metadata collected from me paint an accurate portrait of who I am as a person? What aspects of my individuality are reflected in this portrait? "

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