Kittens VS Robots In This Adorable Video

Krzysztof Smejlis has posted videos on YouTube of his two kittens Bobo and Nikita taking on a couple of Hexbug Scarab robots.

So when robots inevitably rise up and revolt against their human masters will we be turning to an unlikely hero to fight for our freedom?

No. Turns out kittens are useless at fighting robots, not least because of their limited attention span but also due to the fact that they just look too darn cute whilst they're doing it.

The video is one of a vast library that Smejlis has been compiling of his kittens as they grow up to be the Terminator-hunters he's always wanted.

Thankfully for us the idea of kittens interacting with robots is nothing new on the internet so check out some of these viral gems below.

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