Guys Posts Amazing Photos After His First Day Working At NASA

Guy Posts Incredible Photos After First Day at NASA

It's your first day at the Johnson Space Center, you're being given the induction tour where you'll see some of the incredible technology that NASA is building. What do you do?

Well if you're reddit user '2planes' you take pictures of literally everything and then create a massive gallery of lunar rovers, futuristic space suits and robot spiders.

Whilst some of the images you might have seen before - like the iconic control room - there are others that perhaps you won't have, like NASA's skunkworks where engineers create the next-generation of robots and vehicles for landing on the Moon, Mars and beyond.

As well as seeing the next-generation Lunar Rover, '2planes' also got a glimpse of NASA's DARPA effort, a humanoid robot that has been designed to assist astronauts in day-to-day tasks.

Check out the full gallery below whilst turning green with envy knowing that for this guy, this is now his office:

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