Man's Penis 'Shortened By About An Inch' By Surgery So He Sues Hospital, As You Would

A Canadian man is suing a hospital for negligence after surgery apparently shortened his penis preventing him from having sex.

The unnamed individual, who is a paraplegic, fractured his member during sex with his wife in 2011.

When he visited hospital with the rather unfortunate injury he claims a nurse failed to examine his penis and dismissed it as minor trauma.

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Weeks later the fracture was finally diagnosed and he underwent surgery to correct it.

The lawsuit claims the procedure left him with permanent scarring, the inability to have sex a reduced his penis by "about an inch".

He claims his wife left him after he could no longer make love for around two years.

The man told Canada's QMI Agency: "This has caused a greater impact on my life than when I lost the use of my legs."

Botched surgeries are far from rare. Earlier this year, an English man who went under the knife for a minor urological procedure ended up getting a vasectomy by accident.

In December 2013, the Telegraph reported that more than 150 patients in Britain's National Health Service had suffered from botched procedures over a six-month period, according to official statistics.

In 37 of those cases, patients underwent surgery on the wrong part of the body, including a woman who had her fallopian tube removed instead of her appendix.

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