World Cup 2014: Phil Neville's England V Italy Commentary Called Boring By Police

Police Suggest Using Phil Neville's Commentary For Crowd Control

Phil Neville's commentary has been roundly mocked by, seemingly, everyone who watched England versus Italy last night.

Neville's punditry meant #monotone was trending at one point and a tweeter said he sounded like "a Dignitas satnav".

But even the police have said his commentary was boring.

Police in South Warwickshire, who tweeted throughout the match reminding people to drink responsibly and keep the noise down, said: "Will be playing recordings of Phil Neville all night to keep the streets all calm and sleepy."

The officers also said: "At least we know Phil Neville won't stir the crowds in the pubs into a frenzy".

During the match, Twitter was dominated by constructive criticism for Phil.


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