Phil Neville

"In 10 days it will be better," the England Lionesses manager joked.
"It didn’t feel like football,” admitted manager Phil Neville.
Emma Watson, David Beckham and Prince William all got involved.
'This kind of appointment wouldn’t happen in the men’s game.'
Difficult start for new England women's head coach.
Izzy Neville, 13, isn't letting the condition stand in her way.
The daughter of former Manchester United and England footballer Phil Neville has been signed by a commercial modelling agency
Neville Neville, father of footballers Phil and Gary, has died. The 65-year-old fell ill after suffering a heart attack while
He had even tweeted during the match that the pass was "brilliant". After receiving angry responses on Twitter, Neville went
Manchester United's Class of '92 members - and friends - were outclassed by a merciless Salford City on Thursday night in