Phil Neville's '10-Day Haircut' Woe Is Something We Can All Relate To

"In 10 days it will be better," the England Lionesses manager joked.
Catherine Ivill - FIFA via Getty Images

We’ve all been there: the hairdresser picks up the hand mirror, shows you the back of your head and expectantly awaits your verdict. Through gritted teeth you provide the only socially acceptable response: “Lovely, thanks.”

No one is immune from the curse of the bad hair cut, not even England Lionesses manager Phil Neville.

The boss – who gives Gareth Southgate a run for his money in the waistcoat department – decided to up the stakes a smart new ’do to mark England’s quarter-final game against Norway.

Unfortunately, his trip to the French barber didn’t quite go to plan.

“A disaster!’ he joked at a press conference. “It’s called a 10-day haircut. In 10 days it will be better. I needed an interpreter!”

Catherine Ivill - FIFA via Getty Images

People can seriously relate to the styling blunder, with many agreeing that men’s hair tends to look odd for the first few days after a cut.

Others pointed out that it’s not just men’s hair that needs time to settle, with women at risk of mullets and dodgy highlights just the same. Question: how come there only two outcomes of the salon blowdry: stuck-to-the-face poker-straight or barrel curls – and when do we ever wear our hair either way IRL?

So universal is the day one hair fail that one barbershop in the north west isn’t even trying to deny it any more.

Phil, you are not alone, but whatever you choose to do with your hair, please keep doing what you’re doing with the Lionesses.

Catherine Ivill - FIFA via Getty Images