Cow Stuck On Roof In Swiss Alps, Terrible Puns Ensue

You cud not make it up!

The steaks could not have been higher when a lonely and presumably Friesian bovine moo-ved itself onto... oh you get the picture.

It's a cow stuck on a roof.

He must have been slaughtered

The rather precariously placed creature was spotted by cyclist Rolf Steiner as he travelled through the Swiss Alps.

He said: "I couldn't believe my eyes and had to look three times to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. A cow on the roof."

Apparently it was looking for some fresh pastures and decided climbing the roof would be easier than simply going around it.

The cow's owner, Dieter Mueller, said: "She always was one of my most cantankerous beasts, always wanting to do it her way, not mine or the herd's.

"I tried to chuck a broom at her to get her off, and put a ladder there but I didn't use it, as I was worried she'd fall on top of me.

"She would have stayed up there for eternity if she had wanted to. I tried to coax her off when I first saw her but she wouldn't budge.

"She had to do things in her own sweet time. And I am left with the bill for replacing the tiles she smashed."

Must have steer-ed in the wrong direction.

We'll stop now...

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