How To: Create The Perfect Soundtrack For Your Run

HuffPost How To: Create The Perfect Soundtrack For Your Run

The Problem? You've started running but there's a problem, if the music's too fast then you end up running too quickly, ruining your best time and potentially straining everything. Too slow and you'll be playing catch up all week. So how do you create the perfect playlist? Here's how...

With fitness apps now becoming the standard on flagship smartphones like the Galaxy S5 and soon the iPhone 6 with iOS 8 it seems as though everything is pointing towards a life of more exercise.

Of course that's not a bad thing but it does come with some inherent problems, the most prominent of which is what music do you play whilst you're running?

Well sadly there's no easy answer, everyone's different so will naturally find a genre that works for them. For those of us who wouldn't even know where to begin though where's the help?

Thankfully it's here in the form of our friends at The New York Times who have found the best apps which can create the perfect playlist.

Check out the video above and never worry about having to skip songs when you're two miles from the end and there's a hill in the distance.


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