This Hilarious Coat Will Make You Invisible From Governments And Hackers

This cloak will make you invisible to government surveillance techniques. There's just one slight issue... which is that they'll see you a mile away in person.

Created by Austrian designers Wolf D. Prix and Sophie C. Prix, the cloak is clearly as much a fashion statement as it is a political one and whilst we can't see the NSA rushing to shut it down anytime soon it does work as a fully functioning invisibility cloak.

Called the CHBL Jammer Coat, it's made from metalised fabrics which allows the wearer to essentially become untraceable blocking all radio waves that try and penetrate it.

If by some miracle they don't see you in a crowd then you're pretty much home free. If however, they do manage to see you the cloak's outlandish design is such that it breaks up the human form, hiding the terrifying human weapon hidden beneath.

You'll of course be devastated to hear that the Jammer Coat is only a one-off, so if you're planning on becoming a real life Watch Dogs character then we'd probably stick to the coat and baseball cap, it's a classic.