Future technology

A showcase of future technology has been on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas - from driverless vehicles, to roll-away TVs and social robots to make people happy.
Technology hasn't created a fully integrated and optimised human operating system yet. So we must work with the one we have, which is pretty incredible by the way! We have to learn how our brains and bodies work so we can optimise them ourselves. It's a tough challenge that I've spent years trying to work out, and by no means have it mastered.
Robots already exist; indeed, they are playing an increasing role in society. It's likely that in 30 years there will be billions upon billions of robots, particularly for manual labour, but also for use in environments in which it would be dangerous for humans to operate safely.
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Professor Stephen Hawking has raised his concerns over humanity's search to create artificial intelligence warning that if