USA 2-1 Ghana: American Fans Do Care About Soccer (Vine)

It is a quadrennial habit of some publications to cast aspersions on America's relationship with football, or soccer, and how they supposedly don't care about it. Yet judging by the country's reaction to their victory over Ghana, the headlines are misleading and World Cup fever has swept the nation.

President Obama even sat down for a Vine wishing the United States Mens' National Team (USMNT) all the best before their opening Group G fixture with Ghana.

Matchwinner John Brooks' reaction to his 86th minute decider was one of the most poignant moments of the finals, as he was so overcome with emotion he collapsed gently to the ground.

Others however, celebrated rather more heartily...

The US have come a long way from the Simpsons' interpretationof soccer.

Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois:

Willie Nelson: