Toast The World Cup With Brazil's National Cocktail - Here's How To Make The Perfect Caipirinha

The 2014 World Cup is well under way, and what better way to enjoy the football than to kick back with a traditional Brazilian cocktail (also perfect for drowning your sorrows until the usual TV dramas return if you're not a footie fan...).

The caipirinha is Brazil's national cocktail (which got us wondering whether Britain has a national cocktail too, but we're not sure Snakebite counts.)

Caipirinha roughly translates as "country bumpkin" - and the refreshing beverage makes the the perfect summer drink.

With that in mind, we asked Chris Edwards, a cocktail expect from ​Salts of the Earth, for his tips on making the perfect caipirinha.

  • Make sure the glass is approximately 400ml in size no smaller eg. flamenco rocks glass
  • When making the drink, start with half a lime wedge a cut into 12 small pieces
  • After muddling the lime pieces into a plup make sure you add 20ml fresh lime juice. This is important for consistency as the fresh lime pieces will vary in flavour/ tartness
  • Add 25ml simple sugar simple (1:1). This should be simple sugar not raw sugar again for consistency
  • Add crushed ice to fill the glass
  • Add 50ml of good cachaca. We would recommend Albeha organic gold or Capucana
  • Churn all ingredients thoroughly to ensure even distribution
  • Top with more crushed ice till bountiful
  • Garnish with fresh lime wedge & dehydrated sugared lime wheels
  • Add 2 short fat straws for drinking

To make the drink even more special you can add another flavour or two. Below are a few of Chris' ideas:

  • Blueberry and violet
  • Blood orange and raspberry
  • Papaya and chilli
  • Watermelon and pink peppercorn