18/06/2014 08:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Fashion Grandpas Of Instagram: Your New Unlikely Style Icons

Thanks to social media you can find style inspiration in the most unlikely of places. You probably never considered your grandfather to be the pinnacle of fashion, but this Instagram account will make you think again.

Fashion Grandpas - set up in March to champion the very best in grandfather style (it's a thing) - is like a regular street style account except every subject is dapper, quirkily besuited and usually a pensioner. Since its birth the account has garnered 14,000 followers and counting!

Not only has the woman behind the account scoured the streets of America's trendiest cities to find the most sartorially impressive older gents, she does it wearing her GoPro camera strapped to her head. Yes, really.

If you're anything like us you probably didn't realise you had a penchant for grandpa fashion until you set eyes on the following photos...

It's official - shiny shoes, brown suits and neckerchiefs are the new skinny jeans, bomber jackets and Nike Air Max. Who said people stop caring when they reach a certain age?

Managing to knock Rappers With Puppies off the top spot on our list of best ever Instagram accounts is no mean feat, so bravo Fashion Grandpas - being more compelling than cute animals basically makes you an internet anomaly.

To see more super stylish snaps from your new favourite Instagram feed click here.

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