Atari Is Back And It's Getting Into Gambling, Because Money

Atari is back -- but it's not back in the way that'll make your heart warm and your gaming hand itch. Instead Atari is becoming a company that'll use its brand weight to launch online casinos and premium video content on YouTube.

For a company that has struggled to find its niche the news that it'll be launching online casinos it is as depressing as it is unsurprising. For a brand name this frequently attached to near-bankrupt companies, it's probably inevitable.

Surely there'll be games still? Yes there will be games, in fact Atari has been rebooting its classic collection for some time with what can only be described as mixed success.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile launched to very mixed reviews with critics panning its watered down approach and focus on in-app purchases.

In fact Atari has been throwing its brand at pretty much anything recently from iPad games to actual products like headphones, t-shirts and desk lamps.

Check out the final nail in the coffin of our beloved games brand by checking out these shameless things Atari has done to its brand: