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With Nintendo and Sega having recently launched new retro plug-and-play consoles, gaming fans are once again firmly split in their allegiance. Having reignited an old rivalry, here are four reasons why you should do the right thing and side with Sonic and the Mega Drive.
He started collecting games since 2001.
Sure you could put your car in your garage, but why do that when you could turn it into a 1980s-style arcade? Mat Corne, 40
Everyone knows children’s dolls are terrifying: there’s a reason why these glassy eyed monsters have been cast in every horror
Popular outdoor games ideal for family fitness
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Today's children can be almost entirely sedentary, glued to screens interacting with a virtual games world rather than getting
The word "basic" has a variety of connotations, and allegedly thanks to Kate Moss it is the more negative ones that became fashionable early this summer. But now, as the new school year starts up, BASIC has suddenly found itself being thrust into the headlines in a much more positive way - the computer language that can enable every child to learn to code.
An all-new version of the iconic games console the ZX Spectrum will start going into production at a factory in the UK. The
Gaming while on the go got gamers out of the bedroom and on the move without leaving their games behind.