This New Generation Cabbage Patch Kid Will Give You Nightmares

We'll never sleep again.

Everyone knows children’s dolls are terrifying: there’s a reason why these glassy eyed monsters have been cast in every horror film since the dawn of time.

Now Cabbage Patch Kids and Wicked Cool Toys have teamed up to take it a step further and create the creepiest doll ever (although that’s not quite how they are pitching it).

The new generation ‘Baby So Real’ Cabbage Patch Kid comes complete with all the previous functions – feeding from a bottle and later disposing of it in a nappy – as well as fully animated eyes.

These interactive LCD eyes even blink and look around at you while you’re performing your parental duties (designed to make you feel more subservient).

Cabbage Patch Kids
Cabbage Patch Kids
Cabbage Patch Kids

The doll also comes with a downloadable mobile and iPad app that acts as a simulator for the toy and helps you put them in different ‘real-life’ scenarios.

So if you fancy introducing a scenario of constant fear and horror into your family home, put a ‘Baby So Real’ at the top of your Christmas list.



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