Girl Fakes Her First Period With Red Nail Polish, Mum Gets Revenge By Throwing Her A 'First Moon Party'


Meet Katie, the tweenage girl so desperate to have her first period (all of her friends have had theirs) that she fakes it - by paining bright red nail polish on a sanitary pad.

Her mum, who obviously sees through the bright red glittery nail polish, decides to throw her daughter a 'First Moon Party' as a bizarre form of 'punishment'.

Everyone is invited from grandparents, school friends and even mum's work colleagues.


But after a while games such as 'pin the pad on the period' and bobbing for ovaries (not to mention the 'vagician'), take their toll and Katie eventually confesses.

We hate to break it to you, but this isn't a true story. Instead it's the latest hilarious advert from Hello Flo, a tampon subscription service that delivers monthly one-of-a-kind care packages. They now offer first timers a beginner's pack.

Periods are a pain in the ovaries. While we spend adult lives bemoaning them for pain and inconvenience - it's a wonder why anyone would want to have them in the first place.

But when you're a young tweenage girl and all of your friends are having the painters in, you can start to feel a bit left out. The last thing you want to be is 'different' to your peers.

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