How To: Play iPhone Games With Android Smartphones

HuffPost How To: Play iPhone Games With Android Users

Until recently it had been impossible to play a game on your iPhone or iPad against someone who uses an Android Phone. That's all changed however and now both are the best of pals, here's how to get gaming...

Both Apple and Google now offer some pretty incredible games on Google Play and the App Store, thanks to huge increases in smartphone power we're reaching console-levels of graphics.

The only problem however was that until recently these games had been completely partitioned from each other, only letting you play against other users on the same operating system.

Recently though Google updated the terms on the Google Play store and now gamers can play online on their phones against iPhone users.

Of course the first question you'll want answering is which games can I start using? Well our friends over at CNET have come up with a handy guide on how to get started.

Check out the video above and you'll be cross-platform gaming to your heart's content.

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