X-Ray Voyeurism: Nick Veasey's Images Explore What Lies Beneath (PICTURES)

X-Ray Voyeurism: What Lies Beneath (PICTURES)

There’s no such as thing as x-ray vision yet – but these images come pretty close.

Artist Nick Veasey’s X-Ray Voyeurism project offers a tantalising glimpse of what lies hidden in pockets, bags and even clothing.

Such as the pair of handcuffs nestling in a businessman’s briefcase and the wad of notes crammed into the top of a woman’s fishnet stockings.

Veasey’s art may be intriguing, but it isn’t without risk: the 51-year-old has spent nearly 20 years exposing himself to harmful radiation to create his works.

For this latest collection he individually X-rayed each item before assembling the images, post production.

X-Ray Voyeurism


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