Sudanese Christian Mother Meriam Ibrahim, Sentenced To Hang, Is Set To Be Released

Sudanese Christian Mother, Sentenced To Hang, Is Freed By Court

A Sudanese woman who had been sentenced to death for apostasy has had her sentence canceled and is set to be released, the country's official news agency has reported.

SUNA said Khartoum's Court of Cassation canceled the death sentence against Meriam Ibrahim after a robust defence was presented by her lawyers. "The appeal court ordered the release of Meriam Yahya and the cancellation of the (previous) court ruling," it said.

Ibrahim's lawyer, Elshareef Mohammed, told the Guardian he heard the release announced on Sudanese radio but had no confirmation.

Ibrahim (pictured here with husband Wani) gave birth to baby Maya in a Sudanese prison

Daniel Wani meets his daughter for the first time

Ibrahim, who also has an 18-month-old son in prison with her, was raised a Christian by her mother and has refused to renounce the faith. However, a court ruled earlier this month that she is Muslim because that was her father's faith.

Her Christian marriage was annulled and she was sentenced to 100 lashes for adultery and death by hanging for renouncing Islam. Sex outside a "lawful relationship" is regarded as adultery under Sudanese law.

Ibrahim's husband Daniel Wani said his wife had been under pressure to convert her religion so she can leave prison but said she was "committed" to her right to religious freedom.


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