Mars Curiosity Rover Shows Its Age In Incredible New Selfie


The Mars Curiosity rover is by far everyone's favourite space-exploring drone, but the Martian landscape has taken its toll and as this incredible new selfie shows the car-sized robot is beginning to get a few battle scars.

Taken over the course of a day the picture was taken at the 'Windjana' drilling site as the rover was taking soil samples which it would then analyse and send back to NASA.

With the rover immobile for practically the entire day it also presented the perfect opportunity to take an image of itself, which you can see in gloriously high-resolution here.

In case you're wondering how Curiosity is able to take a third-person image of itself the answer is remarkably simple. The Mastcam takes the huge composite image over the course of the day, the arm is then removed in editing showing the entire rover in high-definition.

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