Michael Jackson Death: Five Years On, The 10 Things We Miss Most About The 'Xscape' Singer (PICS)

Michael Jackson: The 10 Things We Miss Most

It’s now been five years since the news broke that shook the world: Michael Jackson had died.

The pop icon had been gearing up to perform what would have been a mammoth 50-date stint at London’s O2 Arena for his string of ‘This Is It’ shows, but devastated fans learned on 25 June 2009 that he’d passed away before ever having the chance to show the world that he could still perform.

Michael Jackson

Following his death, there was a resurgence around Michael Jackson after a long period where it appeared the public had turned their backs on him. His ‘Essential Collection’ stormed to the top of the album charts, while his single ‘Man In The Mirror’ suddenly re-entered the UK top ten singles chart.

The release of the documentary film ‘This Is It’ gave fans a preview of what could have been, and two posthumous releases, ‘Michael’ and ‘Xscape’, have reminded the world that beyond the headlines and the rumours was the man who rightfully held the position of the King Of Pop.

Five years on, we’re remembering the man who helped revolutionise pop music, with his catchy hooks, his incomparable choreography and the furore that surrounded him everywhere he went. Plenty came before him and a whole sea of stars have been since, but there will only ever be one Michael Jackson, and the world of pop music is a different place both for him having been a part of it, and having left it.

On the anniversary of his passing, here are the ten things we most miss about the icon and the legend that was Michael Jackson...

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