Meet The Woman Who Spends Thousands On Life-Like Dolls, Despite Having Kids Of Her Own

Most men and women grow out of playing with dolls around the same time they stop believing in Father Christmas - but not this lady.

Wendy Archer dedicates her life to doting on her four incredibly lifelike dolls, or 'reborns', despite having four children of her own and two grandchildren.

She says she bought her first reborn doll because she can't have any more children and regrets her decision to be sterilized after giving birth to her fourth child.

"I just love babies - to me they aren’t dolls, they are my babies.

"They are beautiful and I truly love them. I couldn’t be without them now and they even smell like real babies.

"I love all of my children and my grandchildren, but my children have lives of their own now, and my grandchildren go home at the end of the day," she said, according to the MailOnline.

The 40-year-old has spent a whopping £2,000 on her fake children - Johnson, Elisha, Shyan and Thomas - and their paraphernalia, which includes clothes, beds and moses baskets for each.

In the above video, Wendy describes her daily routine - she gets up at 7am to dress the reborns and change their nappies before heading to her mother's house and spending the day with the babies.

Wendy insists to the camera that her real children (including the two that still live at home) adore the reborns. Her eldest daughter Kirsty, 16, even has two reborns of her own.

"I bought Elisha for £100 and she was simply beautiful. I was in love, and as soon as I cuddled her the feeling of sadness went away completely. It was like I had filled a hole in my life," Wendy said.

All four dolls were handcrafted by Michelle Cairne, who owns a shop in Middlesbrough named Shelley’s Reborn Dolls.