24/06/2014 13:17 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

The End Is In Sight For Juicy Couture's Tracksuits

More confirmation that the velour tracksuit is officially over: Juicy Couture has announced plans to close all of its US stores.

Ok, so there are a few who still style out their matchy hooded two-pieces, but let's face it - the look was over after the early Noughties.

The ultimate poster girls for the candy-pink tracksuit trend? Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Remember this look?


Nothing said princess-y, pampered to within an inch, Mean Girls style quite like Juicy Couture. Fans of the brand had that look-at-me quality and were never without a glittery pink lipgloss.

The irony with this label being that the tracksuit could be worn anywhere but the gym. You'd never actually sweat/work out in this gear - it was designed to been seen in, especially when teamed with pink blingy accessories and miniature pooches.

Comfort will always be key to lasting trends and while the JC tracksuit was exactly that - who really wants the word "Juicy" plastered across their arse forever?

Celeb advocates meant all girls wanted to wear the uniform that said "Yes, my life is this fabulous" and maybe one day, the look will be so retro wearing this lounging wear will be an actual 'fashion' thing.

If this news leaves you screaming "WTF" Regina George style, you can still bag yourself a tracksuit from US discount store Kohl's. Failing that, you'd definitely be able to get one on eBay.

On that note, if you've still got one hanging around at the back of your wardrobe you should probably hold on to it - you never know how much a Paris Hilton fangirl would pay for it on the internet.

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