Luis Suárez Bites Giorgio Chiellini: Uruguayan TV Attacks English Press

Luis Suárez's bite on Giorgio Chiellini has compelled a Uruguayan television station to launch a bizarre and blinkered attack on the English press.

Tenfield station’s website says Suárez's "face" made contact with Chiellini’s shoulder but it was only when British reporters intervened in the post-match press conference that the incident became an issue.

Risibly, Tenfield's report advises Englishmen to remember Geoff Hurst’s second goal in the 1966 World Cup final did not cross the line.

Suárez could be banned for two years

“In the TV replay, as viewed in the press area, it appears that Luisito’s face comes in contact with Chiellini without it being clear whether he bites him as was claimed by those – especially the English – who were keen to play down Uruguay’s victory.

“In our view the TV picture is not clear as to whether or not Suárez bites the shoulder of the Italian defender. Note how Suárez stumbles after jumping for the ball and how his face hits the shoulder of the Italian player.

“British reporters, in the press conference, asked Óscar Tabárez three times about the incident, saying that: ‘Suárez bit Chiellini.’ Their intention was Fifa should intervene and expel Luisito from the World Cup.

“It would be good if these Englishmen, who are concerned to have Suárez suspended, remember how they won the World Cup in 1966 with a ball which was not a goal.”

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