Take A Trip To Space In A Balloon, ONLY £45k

Take A Trip To Space In A Balloon, ONLY £45k

A commercial spaceflight company has just completed trials to send customers to the edge of the atmosphere in a balloon.

The company responsible, World View, say that in carrying out their full-scale test they've also broken the world-record for highest recorded parafoil flight.

Reaching an altitude of 120,000 feet, passengers will be given an incredible view of the Earth costing just £45,000 making their method significantly cheaper than Virgin Galactic's £150k price tag.

With a positive outcome from the testing phase World View plans to start sending paying customers up into space in 2016 with 50 trips alone planned for the first year.

This won't be a cramped experience though, the company describes the two-hour journey as a 'sailing like' experience with onboard internet and even cocktails served throughout the journey.

Speaking in a statement to Space.com, World View's CEO Jayne Poynter explains why it's important to offer an experience that, although still hugely expensive, is becoming more affordable by the year.

"What happens is they turn around and they see Earth and they fall in love with Earth, and it really changes the way they think about things, we want to be able to give that incredible experience to as many people as we can."


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