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Beyond control of Congress, individual House and Senate races – from Pennsylvania to Nevada – could be bellwethers of larger national trends.
"There is no way to evacuate this many people without pain and loss," the president said.
The travel news is welcome to families keen to reunite, but has also caused confusion.
Ten people were killed by a gunman at a Colorado supermarket. Police say the suspected shooter is in custody after the shooting at King Soopers that lead to multiple deaths including one officer.
There is no great mystery to Donald Trump. He is who he has always told us he is, writes Jonathan Lis.
A second Trump win could empower right-wing figures in Europe.
In his inauguration speech, Trump promised to end "American carnage". But on Monday night, Republicans reminded us of how dire things have become since then.
More than 260,000 people tested positive for the virus worldwide on Saturday.