UFO Caught On Live TV Above Silverstone Race Track

UFO Caught On Live TV Above Silverstone Race Track

A huge white UFO has reportedly been caught on live television flying above the Silverstone race track.

A video clip posted on an American UFO website -- the origin of which we can't trace, and obviously can't verify - shows the unusual sight during a flyover of three planes above the circuit.

The UFO appears at the end of the clip and flies in the opposite direction to the planes.

UFO Sightings Daily claim they know almost precisely what it is:

"From the close up above, we can see it is a triangle-like disk craft and does not resemble any known aircraft currently seen by the public, however it could be the classified TR3B or one of its new updated versions. TR3B a triangle craft that uses alien tech."

Other explanations include a reflection, a camera glitch, a cloud, and the vanguard of an alien fleet hell-bent on destroying all humanity.


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