Yes, Charlie Brooker Plays A Nazi In 'Sniper Elite 3' Video Game

Yes, That Is Charlie Brooker Dressed As A Nazi In A Video Game

'Sniper Elite 3' is an incredibly, ludicrously, violent video game in which you have to shoot various soldiers and then watch their brains explode in slow motion.

Add to their list Mr Charlie Brooker, TV personality, writer and elder statesman of video games criticism.

Brooker is set to appear in the game both as a voice over (via a series of 'radio recordings'), but also as a quite-definitely killable German soldier in a mission exclusively reserved for those who have pre-ordered the game.

In the game Brooker appears as a German soldier accompanying Hitler. Brooker was filmed in a motion capture studio for the role. There are also extra points to be awarded for the most inventive execution of Brooker pulled off inside the game, something for which Brooker himself will no doubt be competing given his love of the genre.

For Brooker, it turns out, is a long-term fan of sniping games, and last year wrote of his obsession in the pages of The Guardian:

"I will never tire of hiding in the mountains, blowing people's heads off from a distance with a high-velocity rifle. I enjoy sniping more than I enjoy leaping onto platforms, collecting stars, discovering treasure chests or any of that other bullshit videogames force you to do when they're not letting you assassinate anonymous strangers on the horizon, which is what God wants videogames to do. It's why He invented them."

Sniper Elite 3 is, not coincidentally, out tomorrow.


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