charlie brooker

The Undoing star recently collaborated with Charlie Brooker on the Netflix special Death To 2020.
The Netflix series' creator hosted the BBC panel show on Friday.
"It would have meant I would have to say something nice about him!" the Black Mirror creator joked.
They particularly enjoyed him describing Matt Hancock as "your sister's first boyfriend with a car".
He's resurrecting his BBC "Wipe series" to take a closer look at how Britain has reacted to the coronavirus pandemic.
Charlie Brooker took advantage of the situation to declare war on “Eastasia”.
Striking Vipers is the first episode of the Netflix show's fifth series.
Charlie Brooker, the creator of the least hopeful show ever, expressed optimism for the future of modern society. The “Black Mirror” creator said he tends to get more optimistic as everyone else becomes pessimistic, as “it means everyone’s paying attention.”
"Some people are like ‘I don’t want to make decisions’... well f*** off, then."
Next time around, the characters will be picking their own cereal.
'Dead Set' first aired a decade ago, but is now available to stream.
'Inside Black Mirror' is jam-packed with juicy details from Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones.
"These things rack up millions of views... and before you know it kids are watching somebody pounding a nail through Peppa Pig’s f***ing eye."
They say 'the future is brighter than ever'. We're not convinced.
They say 'the future is brighter than ever'. We're not convinced.