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While inconsistent in its latest season, the Netflix anthology series remains at its best when it reflects our complicity in pop culture’s worst obsessions.
Josh stars opposite Aaron Paul and Kate Mara in the new series of the Netflix drama.
Beyond The Sea stars Josh Hartnett and Aaron Paul as two astronauts.
"I was aware that some people had said, ‘oh the last season was a bit frothy wasn’t it?'."
Charlie Brooker’s acclaimed anthology series is returning to Netflix with a star-studded cast, including Schitt's Creek's Annie Murphy.
The hit Netflix show’s creator enlisted ChatGPT to help draft an episode ahead of the Season 6 premiere.
The Undoing star recently collaborated with Charlie Brooker on the Netflix special Death To 2020.
The Netflix series' creator hosted the BBC panel show on Friday.
"It would have meant I would have to say something nice about him!" the Black Mirror creator joked.
They particularly enjoyed him describing Matt Hancock as "your sister's first boyfriend with a car".