OAP Elizabeth Neufeld Flips Car, Takes Selfie While Trapped in Vehicle (PICTURE)

OAP Flips Car. Takes Selfie While Trapped In Vehicle. Obvs (PICTURES)

An elderly woman has been photographed appearing to take a selfie after flipping her car over.

The bizarre scene unfolded in Bel Air, Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Elizabeth Neufeld, 85, was at the wheel of her Honda when the car flipped over as she and husband Benjamin, 87, made their way out of their driveway.

Just a second honey... Elizabeth Neufeld documents the accident with a selfie

Benjamin was able to climb out the vehicle but Elizabeth remained in the car – apparently feeling calm enough to start snapping pictures of herself.

The pair were unhurt and Elizabeth was helped from the vehicle shortly afterwards.

Best Selfies Ever

Best Selfies Ever


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