Watch This Pilot Land A Jet With No Wheels, On A Boat

When US Marine Corps Capt. William Mahoney took off in his AV-H8 Harrier nothing could have prepared him for what he would then immediately have to do afterwards.

Taking off from the USS Bataan, Capt. Mahoney quickly realised there was a pretty severe problem with his forward landing gear, the problem in question was that it just wasn't there anymore.

Once retracted the wheels completely refused to reappear making it almost impossible to return to the ship.

Thankfully though the USS Bataan had a trick up its sleeve as Mahoney explains: "The ship had this amazing invention that was, like, basically a stool, that was built specifically for this reason."

Mahoney then proceeded to hover the plane over the flight deck so a fellow pilot 'Paddles' could take a look and help him land on the stool.

With absolutely no way of seeing the stool as he landed Capt. Mahoney would have to make a perfect landing, on cue and onto a moving ship.

Incredibly he does it, perfectly, as you can see from the video above.