We have rounded up the week's best news stories - from stuck ducklings to planes that can land themselves!
Some internet users felt Rosey Blair violated the privacy of two people flirting on an airplane she was on.
This viral tweet thread is the best we’ve seen in a long, long time.
You set one foot on the plane and then you remember that one dreaded thing you forgot about: the airplane passengers. Here's just a few of the worst types of people you always end up being stuck with on the plane...
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It's time that we challenge our politicians to stop solely debating over which London airport should have an extra runway or investment, fuelling the noise pollution and suffering of residents under its flight paths. If we shout loud enough, they have to hear the thousands of disgruntled residents... except, is that another plane I see heading towards us?
So, let's take as given the fact that, as aviation entered the jet era. windows had to continue to be provided as a desirable amenity. Unfortunately, they turned out to create a critical and hitherto unrecognized vulnerability when installed in pressurized aircraft.
ier. I'm paranoid about forgetting something important and of course, I always do (my son's swimming shorts). But, I also have to remember that as long as we have medication and contact lenses, we will survive! It may have taken me seven years to figure out but I think I've finally cracked the best way to fly with children and I wanted to share some of my tips.
A Ryanair plane flying from Liverpool to Alicante was one of two passenger planes forced to make an unexpected landing in