YouTube Upgrades: Tipping And 60FPS Arrive At Last

General View of online video sharing website YouTube
General View of online video sharing website YouTube
Edward Smith/EMPICS Entertainment

Just seen a particularly chucklesome 'fail', a spectacularly cute cat or a waving bear that stands above all the others? Want to show your appreciation?

Well, you're in luck. You can now 'tip' your favourite YouTube video producers.

Google has added the ability to show your financial gratitude for your favourite videos as part of a range of upgrades to its video system.

The tip jar is already in use by a number of partners including Dulce Delight, Fitness Blender and The Healthcare Triage.

Google outlined the new features in a blog post over at its YouTube Creator website.

They include:

  • YouTube Creator Studio: gives you greater access to analytics, alerts and management via a smartphone app for iOS and Android.
  • Audio Library with sound effects: huge library of free sounds to use in your videos
  • 60FPS: you can now upload videos with the same resolution as the top next-gen video games
  • Fan funding: "We’ll be adding another option for you, where fans will be able to contribute money to support your channel at any time, for any reason."
  • Creator Credits: "Collaboration is a key to great videos on YouTube. You’re already giving your collaborators shout outs in your video descriptions. But what if those text-based shout outs were tags that let viewers click through to their channels, or let you search for a collaborator based on their work and location? That’s our vision for Creator Credits"
  • Crowd-sourced subtitles
  • Infocards - a new version of the pop-up annotations